About Roland Page

You have probably arrived at this page by scanning the QR code given to you.

About me:

Roland Thompson – LOOKING FOR LOVE

Born: Mazatlan, Mexico 1966

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 190

Children: 1 male (30 something yr old single dad living in Sacramento with his two kids – also single. (Alex is single, not the two kids. Well the kids are single too but not on the market)

Political Party: Independent

Line of work: Information Technology Consultant and Cloud Administrator

Education: Bakersfield College, UC Santa Barbara

Email: roland@rolandthompson.com

Some favorite activities: County Dance, Ballroom Dance, Fishing, Hiking

Where have I been for the last 30 years? Santa Barbara, CA

Where did I grow up? Bakersfield – Yes Bakersfield.

How to get me to open up? Ask me about my Ballroom Dance Competition days. But be prepared to share something meaningful about yourself as well.

Where? Whenver you feel comfortable.

When? Same as above but the sooner the better 🙂

Near term plans? To move up to Sacramento, CA area.

Why? Ask me in person 🙂

Hi there! I’m Roland Thompson a System Administrator/Cloud Administrator by day and Innovator by night.

I plan on setting up a dating webiste something like this.